Lessons Learned

by | Nov 17, 2022 | Fitness Goals

Why is it that humans wait until there’s almost a tragedy before we effect positive change in our lives? Why must we always learn the hard way?

For example, some people wait until they have a serious health scare (diabetes, heart attacks) before they put in real effort to turn their lives around. I’m apparently no different! I’m always very dedicated to my healthy lifestyle, but sometimes, as I am also human, my drive slips.

December was a slow month for pretty much everything…work, training etc.  I took a trip and engaged in serious holiday reverie. For the last few weeks my head just wasn’t in the game…until yesterday when I almost died.

I was driving to a session, two hands on the wheel, phone stuffed in my pocked, radio off and looking straight ahead…then I blew through a red light at a major intersection in Scarborough.  I didn’t even slow down until I was through and realized what I had done.

My body was in the perfect position to drive safely, but in my head I was planning my dinner. I could have killed someone, or been killed. My heart was pounding for about 10 min as I continued to drive. I was very lucky nothing happened. All of this because I wasn’t focused.

I realize this wasn’t as dramatic a close call as “not getting on the plane” or surviving a terminal illness, but when I think of what could have happened I’m a bit freaked out.  HOWEVER, instead of dwelling on what could have happened, I choose to put my energy into what’s going to happen now.

My theme for 2018 is FOCUS. Focus on the road, on my training, on my business and on living the life I want to live. I went back and read a post I wrote a while ago about focus in training and being mindful and am re-inspired to put 100% into everything I do this year!

The holidays are over, there are no excuses. Time to hit it. I’m throwing my self full tilt into my training…and yours…so be ready!

As I said to one of my students recently: “We’re going to Hulk-smash the holidays right out of us!”

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