Pickering Personal Training

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New Year’s Resolutions? We’re here to help! Pickering Personal Training is now now offering package discounts to help you reach your goals. Train at home or in at a locally owned facility.

We’re growing! Pickering Personal Training now has three trainers working to help people of the Durham Region reach their fitness and wellness goals. Stefanie and Nikki provide in home training throughout the region, and Kyle works with clients who prefer a gym environment

In Home Personal Training

There’s no place like home. Pickering Personal Training brings the workout right to your door. No equipment is necessary – we’ll bring everything we need.

Nutritional Coaching

Sound nutrition is a lot simpler than you think. Our trainers help students discover just how delicious whole, fresh food can be and how important it is to support your fitnes goals.

Dryland Training

Time to up your game? PPT is now offering dryland training for athletes of all sports. Kyle Moran has worked with national wrestling champs & OHL players.

At Pickering Personal Training we focus on becoming Naturally Strong.  The key to health and wellness is much simpler than we think and I continuously support our students in their journey through nutritional coaching, meal plan development, cooking demonstrations and just plain being there for them. 

Personal Training is just that – personal.  Each workout is configured to meet you at your current fitness level, and challenge you in a way that is rewarding and encouraging, not punishing. Let’s face it, Fitness is not fun for everyone. Our goal is to design workouts that will keep each of our students engaged, stimulated and having fun. 

We want each person that with us look foward to their session, to walk away feeling proud of themselves and confident in their ability to reach their goals.

Is Training Right For You?

Not every trainer is right for every student. Before you take the leap and begin a fitness program you should meet with the person guiding you on the journey to see if they are a good fit. I encourage you to call and book a FREE CONSULTATION to meet me and talk about you.

It’s only change until it becomes routine.

Testimonials for Pickering Personal Training


I have worked with various trainers over the years but reached a point where I just wasn’t getting the results I wanted.  Within a very short time of training with Stefanie my body changed in ways that I didn’t dream were possible!

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Stefanie is the first personal trainer that I have felt completely comfortable with. She customizes my training based on my personal goals and passes along valuable nutritional information, which I’ve never had a trainer focus on until now.

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I have been training with Stef for the past 4 months. I had just had my second born in July and had weight to lose from the first and second – a total of 45 pounds! In just 4 months I have already lost 20 pounds.

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My wrestling started at a very young age, most of my life it was at a very high level….Not only did training with Kyle make me bigger, faster and, stronger I was able to get to a level that a wouldn’t have been able to get to on my own. 

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