Police and Fire Test Preparation

Improve your performance and prepare yourself for your new future.

Police and Fire Test Preparation

Train for your next career

Staring a new career is always a challenge, but with Police, Fire and Rescue, there’s an additional physical component that can make or break your chances of being accepted.

It’s a physical job and you need to be ready for it. Training with someone who has passed both the police and fire fitness tests gives you an edge. We know what is expected of you and how to push you to get your fitness on point.

There are a number of training options to get you ready for your test. You and your trainer may choose to train at your home, or create a program combining sessions at our private studio, our preferred fitness facility and our outdoor obstacle course (a.k.a. the Athletic Playground), for a fully rounded training experience.

Training and Wellness Packages

Individual sessions

$80/hr plus tax

Choose between our training and wellness (yoga, pilates or Reiki) services we offer!

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12 Pack - Save $120

Total Price $840 plus tax

$70 per session

Our packages are tailored to your needs. You can choose all training or a mix of training/wellness (yoga, pilates or Reiki) services we offer or you can choose all of one modality!

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