In-Home Training

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In-home training allows you to work out in a setting that is both comfortable and convenient.  There is no need to worry about wether you have equipment –  I will arrive with everything we need to  have a great workout! With a personal trainer, you have a guide on your road to health and fitness. 

Whether you have a small space, or an entire basement to work in, you can do this. 

I take each of my students to heart and truly partner with them on their journey. It doesn’t matter where you are starting from, it doesn’t matter what you think you can’t do, it matters that you are taking the step.


  • In-Home Training

    In-Home Training

    No travel time, no parking hassles. Train right at home on your time in space you are comfortable in.
  • Outdoor Training

    Outdoor Training

    When the weather is too good to pass up, take your workout outside! In the backyard or nearby park, whatever you choose.
  • Weight Training

    Weight Training

    Don’t be afraid of a little weight! The goal is to increasing your strength and tone your muscles so you look and feel great.
  • Make it Fun

    Make it Fun

    Never slip into a rut. I keep the workouts varied, and introduce new movments regularly.

Alyssa & James

Stef is truly one of a kind. Her workouts were challenging, fun, and customized for our individual capabilities, even though one of us loves the couch while the other prefers to run half-marathons.

We both looked forward to these work outs as a way to spend time together and have some fun, but also to be challenged physically and mentally. Stef isn’t just a personal trainer, but someone who understands and embodies what true health is and is willing to work with you to help you achieve it.

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I have worked with various trainers over the years but reached a point where I just wasn’t getting the results I wanted.  Within a very short time of training with Stefanie my body changed in ways that I didn’t dream were possible!

She provided me with nutritional counselling that completely changed the way I both looked and felt, and challenged me to push my body physically past any limitations I may have place on myself.

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I have been training with Stef for the past 4 months. I had just had my second born in July and had weight to lose from the first and second – a total of 45 pounds! In just 4 months I have already lost 20 pounds. I feel stronger and much better about myself. Stef has been a pleasure to work with – she helped me change my whole diet (I was eating really unhealthy before) – this is the healthiest I have felt in a very long time.

Her training sessions are intense and she helped me build up my strength to tackle exercises that I couldn’t even do before.

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