Hatter Hinds

Professional Record: 50 wins 9 losses

Hometown: Pickering, Ontario Canada

Fights out: of Pound4Pound MMA & Elevation Martial Arts

Height: 5’10” Weight: 155lbs

Fight Style: Muay Thai, Boxing, Wrestling

Looking ahead to the next fight.  “No fight is bigger than the one you’re in”

Semi Final fight is taking place on Saturday June 17th at 5pm EST. You can download the PPV at www.MuayThaiWorldCup.com or join the Watch Party at Pickering’s newest hot spot: The Social Bar and Lounge. Screens everywhere, great cocktails, killer menu.

“I don’t diet, I live it.”

Follow Jason Mad Hatter Hinds as he fights his way to a $100,000 contract with ONE CHAMPIONSHIP. This is Canada’s biggest Muay Thai event to date. He has won the quarter final bout and advances to semi-finals on June 17th with Muay Thai World Cup in Calgary.

A taste of what’s to come!

These guys fight June 17!

Hinds Vs. Reza Highlight Reel

Time Till Fight!








Full 3 round Road to ONE quarter final bout.