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  • Customized Meal Plans

    Customized Meal Plans

    To suit you and your family.
  • Local Resources

    Local Resources

    Find the best ingredients in the Durham Region.
It’s only change until it becomes routine

Sound nutrition is a major component of any fitness, health and wellness program. It’s too easy in our fast paced and busy lives to rely on convenient, processed foods to feed ourselves and our families – but unfortunately, in many cases these foods lead ot weight gain and health issues.

I work with each of my students on an individual level to help them trainsition into a healthier way of eating with a focus on whole, fresh ingredients. Nutrition shouldn’t be rocket science. I help you to keep it simple and sustainable. 

As with fitness, one program and one approach does not fit all. When developing meal plans I work very closely with each person. I learn personal and family tastes, habits, ‘go-to’ meals and daily scheduling issues. From there we develop a plan together to transition into an achievable, sustainable lifestyle change.